Thursday, December 7, 2006

'Second Life Liberation Army' Targets Brands

The SLLA, consisting of about a dozen veteran members, is believed to be the first national liberation movement of its kind seeking political rights for virtual characters, known as avatars. The group really pulled into action when Linden Lab, the creator of Second Life, allowed the creation of unverified accounts.


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Second Life Left Unity said...

SLLU Press Release 18/1/07
While SLLU welcomes the decision of the FN to move from Porcupine,
this has been to the detriment of the residents of Axel (another PG area).
It has broken their peace and tranquility. This fascist group – one so
abhorrent that the mainstream conservative party in France urged its
supporters to vote socialist in order to ensure the FN didn’t reach any
where near to victory in their last elections – has set up recruiting in
world. This group is a RL fascist group with links to the very founders
of fascism.

SLLU, also condemn this racist party for using SL as a place to recruit - the dissemination of discrimatory racist hate propaganda should be viewed as a violation of SL's community standards'
We call on Axel residents to complain about this cabal and their sullying
of the tranquil and beautiful area that was once Axel, and join our
campaign to rid SL of racism. SLLU support residents in their wish to
rid themselves of this group and the protests that have followed.
SLLU can promise residents that our organization has no want to stay
in Axel any longer than it takes to rid residents of the FN (who are at
present trying to buy more Axel land).
We reiterate our call on the Lindens to ban this group from PG areas.