Tuesday, December 19, 2006

"Snarky Shirkey", stop pickin' on me!

SL Critic gets Dixie Chicked

From the blog Second Thoughts, a rather personal 2809 word critique of the 1909 word article cited below. Fans of Fox News, or White House Press briefings, will recognize this approach to criticism. The author of the original piece, Clay Shirky, is attacked seven times by name, and is even psychoanalyzed:

THAT is what is prompting the sneers -- the unconscious fear that geeks just may not be as necessary as they once were. Oh, to be sure, the will still pwn the servers and the code that runs it -- but inside the world, users don't need to wait around for game gods to add new features; they make them themselves, in ways that, to be sure, range from amateur to professional -- but just as in the rest of RL, if they are not competent tekkies increasingly they can hire the help they need outworld from start-up companies or inworld from fellow residents willing to take Lindens, depending on the kind of project.

Oh yeah, that's definitely it.


When I posted comments, I was warned that if I didn't use a Second Life name, I would be banned. So I did use my Second Life name (Burt Separis) and what do you know? I was banned anyway! Oh, I am so bookmarking this site!

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